Behind Alphonsina, LLC. Is fashion designer Alphonsina Silva-Marshall. Born in Dominican Republic and now residing in the United States for almost a decade. She gained all her fashion knowledge back in her hometown Santiago De Los Caballeros, Dominican Republic, from well known fashion institutions.
From a young age Alphonsina has openly expressed her love for fashion and business to friends and family and then to customers that became very loyal to her artistic work. 
After owning her own business in Dominican Republic for over 12 years, life brought her to the States where her work has been well received by many people and in various big cities like Los Angeles, California and now Phoenix, AZ. 
Alphonsina is very happy to have created this website to introduce her designs. All of Alphonsina's creations are designed with a minimalist approach.
Alphonsina is a strong believer of 'Less is More'. 
She hopes you love and enjoy her products and services as much as she does.♥
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